Human Resource Management

Office HR focuses on increasing productivity of employees by including relevant policies and process. Manage the workforce with strategic planning with global payroll and benefits administration.

Applicant Tracking System

Easy handling of the recruitment needs based on the needs of company. Efficiently collate analyze and filter applicant data. Frees up time and spent your precious time elsewhere.

Time-off Tracking System

Office HR software enables easy setting of leave for any sized enterprise. Automation of streamlining process is easy and simple with the prominent monitoring of employee’s attendance.

Global Payroll and Compliance

Whatever be the type of compliance and payroll you possess, Office HR provides the automated payroll processing. Assure real-time processing without any hurdles in any type of compliance.

Travel & Help Desk Management

Using Office HR enables employees to send request applications to the person in concern. Employees can submit their claims, travel requests for any work related travel online.

Performance Management

Do the most important task of performance management which is the most tedious process of manager, using the best automation tool. Understand the capability and performance of each employee.

Learning Management

Improve the employee’s capability by providing the user-friendly learning module. Employees could send the training request when they are in need of attaining more training for the excellence.

Attendance Management

Office HR provides the platform to integrate a biometric third party system to precisely save the attendance. It is totally error free and enables the employees to view their attendance report.

Project Management

Adopt this new innovative HR software for the purpose of project management. Project management hampers productivity, efficiency and whole module under the control of project manager.


Office HR is powered to manage all your HR management tasks at an unbelievable pace

Power your HR processes with Office HR software and enjoy the difference. It will provide you with ample of time to focus on the core HR processes that matter to your company. We not only offer you with the worlds best human resources management software, but also tools for automating account management and other processes.

We promise. We provide. We guarantee. Our HR management software processes will provide you with noticeable changes helping your organization to acquire benefit-driven success taking your business to the next level.


All you need is a browser

Enjoy the awesomeness of accessing Office HR management software from anywhere at anytime with just a click of the mouse or a tap of your Smartphone. Office HR doesn’t even know what complication is. It is simple and easy to use. The high-performance of the HR management software will help your company reap huge benefits in the long run.

Now you can take care of your employees, while Office HR will manage all the office and HR activities with ease. No more errors from manual entries.

We will customize office management software solutions that fits your business needs.


Why Office HR?

128-Bit SSL Encryption

Completely secure transactions with thorough SSL encryption. Conduct your business with complete ease of mind.

Enterprise Modules

More than 10 highly efficient and integrated HR modules taking care of everything from hiring to retiring process and see your organisational employee’s trends & position in one screen.

Intelligent Analytics

A single screen showing your complete business potential. Our multi layered analytics and reporting tools help owners make the most informed decision about their business.

100% Online

Take your business where you go. With Officekit HR, you do not need any dedicated hardware or high rising technical overheads to take your business to new heights.

Centralized Data Storage

No more lost data. Our scheduled automatic backups make sure you never lose a single transaction of your business with no hefty management bills to worry about.

Friendly Interface

As easy as 1-2-3. With less than an hour of functional training, you will be ready to use the most complex modules of Officekit with complete ease and authority.